Responsiveness: more than just a returned call

Whether you are researching a new electronic design, purchasing vinyl siding for your home, or ordering a birthday cake, one thing is true: the longer you have to wait for information, the less important you feel as a customer. 

But “responding to customers” is much more than just answering the phone or an email.  Responsiveness to customers is better defined in three ways: speed of service, sensitivity to customer concerns, and awareness of changes in what the customer needs.

At Niche Electronics, we’ve been saying that since the beginning. We’ve learned that the soft skills of keeping customers fully in the loop on everything —  from successes to speedbumps — is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Our commitment to responsiveness is more than just a promise to answer requests for project quotes within 24 hours. It also involves asking the right questions to prepare the most accurate quotes, and anticipate the best paths for design, development, and production.

Here are just a few of our commitments to responsiveness:

  • A rapid, accurate quote within 5 working days
  • A report on any technical questions we discover during the quoting process
  • A timely notification of supply chain problems at any stage of the quoting, purchasing, and manufacturing processes
  • An alert to any manufacturing problems and delays as soon as possible
  • Completion and submission of all documentation for each customer shipment including, pack lists, C of Cs, test reports and others
  • Rapid response to an RMA request with 24 hours.
  • Thorough review and reporting on product returns
  • Report and update on progress during the manufacturing process, including onsite meetings, depending on volume of business
  • Notification and consulting on technical questions from suppliers concerning fabricated parts such as circuit boards, enclosures, and cables
  • Response within 24 hours to inbound requests for information from interested and approved parties

For more information on how Niche customer and vendor responsiveness sets us apart from other PCB manufacturers, let us know. 

Niche Electronics is a leading electronics manufacturing services company that pairs sophisticated capabilities with a uniquely customer-centered approach. For the past 25 years, Niche has crafted high-complexity circuit board assemblies — and built lasting customer partnerships in an array of industries. For information, visit

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