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Niche Electronics is an ISO-certified, ITAR-registered business that has earned a reputation for quality and service.
We craft American-made products for a wide range of customers:


Niche Electronics has years of experience in developing products such as precision and industrial pumps, HVAC controls, robotic equipment, industrial sensors, and monitors.

Our agility in creating specialized manufacturing cells and intricate work instructions means that we’re able to efficiently manufacture products efficiently and with high yields.


In this complex, fast-growing manufacturing sector, highly trained operators and process engineers are the difference between success and failure. 

We have the advanced process controls and systems in place to successfully produce these complex products, some of which have included portable radio equipment, Wi-Fi connected monitoring equipment and wireless broadcasting equipment for sporting events. 

Communication-sector products also include RF and Microwave devices that require specialized components, materials, and processes that often require assembly by hand.


Located strategically near major government and military facilities, Niche’s early work began with producing complex products used in military and other government operations. We are an ITAR-registered supplier that is entirely staffed by U.S. citizens. Our staff is well trained in the required IPC Class 3 standards.

Power Electronics

This sector includes inverters, converters, and specialized power supplies, as well as heavy large assemblies that require components and copper structures that absorb a tremendous amount of heat. 

Other aspects of this industry are complex circuitry and devices that control the input and output of power from different sources such as solar and wind. Our staff is highly trained to create thermal profiles to meet the specifications of these products.

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