After delays and supply chain problems plagued the PCB industry a few years ago, many U.S. manufacturers began to question the conventional wisdom of using overseas production sources.

This led to an increase in onshoring – directing production to domestic manufacturers – which is hardly a new idea for Niche Electronics.  In fact, there are distinct advantages to working with a manufacturer located closer to your own center of operations:  it may be a small world, but in many ways, distance still matters.

The benefits of doing business with a faraway foreign company extends beyond mere convenience, encompassing factors that directly impact efficiency, quality, and cost and time savings:

Clearer, faster communication:   Time zone differences and language barriers can often hinder communication with overseas companies, leading to misunderstandings and delays. Working with companies close to your business allows for easier and more effective communication.  Closer proximity also allows for face-to-face meetings, which can foster better collaboration and understanding between teams.

Lower costs:  Some customers may assume that costs to produce PCBs overseas will carry a lower price tag. But the overall cost of production working onshore can be almost equal to working with an offshore company when you consider the collected costs of shipping, tariffs, delays due to quality issues, and miscommunication.

Quicker resolutions:  Onshoring offers superior oversight of the production process and quality control measures. You can visit a local production facility to ensure that standards are being met and address any issues from the very beginning. This hands-on approach to quality control is far more challenging when working with overseas companies, where physical visits may be impractical, infrequent, or costly.

Lower risk in cases of emergencies:   If significant issues occur during production, there is a substantial benefit to being able to travel rapidly to a place of production to resolve that issue.  In the case of a manufacturer like Niche Electronics, having redundant facilities within a few hours of travel ensures that production can be moved and put back on track with minimal delays and expenses.

Support local economies:  Working with local companies contributes to the growth and sustainability of the domestic economy. It creates job opportunities and supports other businesses in the community, which helps keep the local and U.S. economy healthy.

Communication, collaboration, and quick response times can do more than just strengthen your bottom line.  Taking advantage of local partnerships can optimize operations, ensure consistent standards of high quality, and foster a sense of interconnectedness within your region.

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