Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility at Niche

Our People, Our Community, Our Planet

While the term Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has gained traction over the past decade, Niche Electronics has embodied the concept since the 1990s. While growth and profit are valuable goals, Niche also integrates societal concerns in our business operations.

We define and implement CSR initiatives using four key areas defined by Harvard Business School: environmental responsibility, ethical responsibility, philanthropic responsibility, and economic responsibility.

Here are core examples of CSR in action at Niche Electronics:

General waste metal reclamation

By focusing on recycling and reusing various metals from our production process, Niche boosts sustainability and reduces use of newly mined metals.

Water discharge monitoring

This program safeguards against contamination of our streams and groundwater, using an independent monitor to track and report results.

Domestic sourcing

Whenever possible, we secure materials from regional partners to reduce pollution and waste associated with international shipping.

Flourescent bulb reclamation

This program enables us to use energy-efficient lighting while keeping harmful materials out of our water and soil.

Paperless facilities

Our three East Coast manufacturing locations will be paperless by 2024, reducing our use of a key natural resource while boosting efficiency.

Refuse to source Conflict Minerals

In our manufacturing, Niche does not use conflict minerals – those linked with human rights abuses in the Democratic Republic of Congo and other conflict zones. Further, Niche only aligns with vendors who adhere to our stance.

Livable wage

At each of our production facilities, Niche establishes levels of compensation that enables our team members to live and thrive in their communities.

Employee growth

Beyond pay and benefits, we invest heavily in ongoing training in an extremely technical industry, enabling our team members to expand their skills sets and grow into new roles. Niche offers opportunities for advancement and a work culture that encourages input and ideas from each employee.

Community involvement

We take pride in contributing meaningfully to local community and charitable initiatives: supporting local shelters, hosting blood drives, sponsoring youth athletics, and much more.

As Niche grows and expands its service area, our leadership team will continue to expand our CSR efforts to ensure we are doing our part – both locally and globally.