Every Product Is Unique…The First Step to Success: Identifying the Singular Needs of Your Project

No product we manufacture is like any other. That means the Niche team approaches each job with its own framework for success. We start by reviewing the total scope of the project, then applying what we learn to the smallest detail. This framework enables us to customize every step of the process to meet the product’s specific needs – and greatly enhance efficiency, quality and cost-effectiveness.

From the big picture …

Whether we’re handling a less-complex, board-level assembly or a full-product build with system
integration and testing, we start with the Bill of Materials (BOM). The BOM is the guiding document that lists all the necessary parts/materials and may also include assembly drawings, printed circuit board (PCB) fabrication drawings, mechanical drawings, and other supporting documents.

We also define our role as contract manufacturer for the specific project. For example, one customer
may consign all materials and ask Niche to provide labor and expertise, while another may want us to
handle every aspect of purchasing and manufacturing – or some hybrid of those approaches.

… down to the smallest details

Armed with this framework, the Niche team then drills down – reviewing each specific need or step and making key decisions that ultimately have a huge impact. Here are just a few:

  • Large component BOM counts requiring multiple feeders, feeder carts with multiple set ups
  • Fine, high-pitch parts that require precision placement
  • Through-hole components requiring different machine capabilities including wave solder and
    selective solder machines
  • Unique components requiring specific fixturing or carriers to pick parts for machine placement
  • Specialty parts that must be hand placed for technical reasons
  • Connectors with wire harnesses attached
  • Unique bare board PCB configurations that contain specialty materials, heavy copper, etc. that
    require careful thermal profiling
  • Full box-build assembly with enclosures, system integration, and testing
  • … and many more

This is just a small sampling of the pre-manufacturing process gives you an idea of how complex and
different each product can be – and how it results in high quality and consistent value.

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