Niche Electronics Completes Integration of Florida Location

Niche Electronics, a leading electronics manufacturing services company, announced today that it had completed the integration of QCMS, a contract manufacturing company based in Sarasota, Florida. That company has now been rebranded as Niche Florida.

Niche purchased QCMS in 2016. In the interim, the company has worked to upgrade equipment and software at the Sarasota facility, which creates key advantages for customers. With redundant facilities in two geographical locations, Niche can shift production in the event of service interruptions from machine outages, natural disasters, fires or other unforeseen circumstances.

Niche Electronics crafts high-complexity circuit board assemblies for many industries, providing services from new product introduction to volume production. Niche has operated from its 20,000 SF headquarters in southcentral Pennsylvania since 1997. The Sarasota facility provides an additional 21,000 SF of space.

Frank Bowman, CEO of Niche, said the completed integration will enable the company to handle increased demand for its services and provide personalized service to a large swath of the East Coast.

“This integration – and the highly capable team in Florida – will be key drivers of Niche’s planned growth,” Bowman said. “The management and production teams at both facilities share the same solutions-based approach and offer consistency in training and quality.”

Bowman noted other key elements of Niche’s growth plan include expanded engineering capabilities and handling a product’s entire evolution from early concept to volume production. The two strategically located facilities also give Niche an optimal geographical reach, enabling personalized service to hundreds of high-tech customers within a three-hour drive.

With the integration of Niche Florida, the company now has more than 60 employees across the two locations.

Niche Electronics is a leading electronics manufacturing services company that pairs sophisticated capabilities with a uniquely customer-centered approach. For the past 25 years, Niche has crafted high-complexity circuit board assemblies — and built lasting customer partnerships in an array of industries. For information, visit

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