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Our Story

Customer Engagement, Continuous Evolution

Niche Electronics was established in 1997 by a team of engineers and technicians who had a vision:  combine high-complexity circuit board assembly with creativity and an unusual commitment to open, honest customer communication.

It turned out to be the recipe for success. Since our founding, we have continued to evolve, expanding our offerings, our team and our market:


Since Day One, we have understood the value that state-of-the-art equipment brings to our customers. We continually add and upgrade our technical resources to ensure speed, quality and value for our customers.


We partner with a highly experienced design team to offer comprehensive capabilities throughout digital and analog electronics. The benefit: we can offer recommendations and guidance that improves performance, value and scalability.


Over the years, we’ve built a replicable, process-driven approach that works. As an ISO 9001/2015 certified company, we routinely undergo vendor audits and is committed to continuous improvement initiatives.


We have harnessed decades of real-world experience in design, NPI, process engineering, materials sourcing and more – enabling our team to extend and expand our customers’ internal capabilities.

We operate a 20,000 SF facility in Southcentral Pennsylvania, a 21,000 SF facility in Sarasota, Florida, and an 8,000 SF facility in Waltham, Massachusetts.  These three production centers offer our customers redundant capabilities that significantly reduce problems from service interruptions. Our multiple locations also give us an optimal geographical reach, enabling personalized service for hundreds of high-tech customers within a three-hour drive.

What Makes Us Different...
& Why It Matters

We believe that you deserve more than just a capable manufacturer: you deserve answers, updates, and follow-ups. You’re counting on more than just our technical and manufacturing expertise – you expect to be informed, and our commitment to that is what sets us apart.

We don’t avoid challenges — we seek them out as hidden opportunities … and a way to save our customers time, money and headaches.

We combine state-of-the-art equipment with a systems driven approach. The result: high-quality workmanship and long-term viability for your project.

Our Team

Built to Serve

Our team was built to fulfill our promise to customers:  you get the industry expertise required to produce high-quality products — and the hands-on approach and open communication required for exceptional service.


Our leadership team offers experience from a wide range of industries: engineering, industrial, automotive, and more. From that background, the team drives quality through process: a focus on creating systems that improve quality, reduce returns and drive customer success. Every member of our leadership team – including our CEO – embraces the customer-first philosophy that sets us apart.

Left to right: Sean McConville, National Sales Manager; Richard Stover III, Quality Manager; Frank Bowman, President; Yancey Strickler, General Manager

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We partner with a team of design engineers with a proven track record of developing nuanced design solutions for each unique project. This team’s comprehensive array of capabilities — full product design, system architecture, coding of all embedded firmware, and more — offer significant value to every customer.


Our production team brings many collective decades to our manufacturing floor – experience that brings quality and consistency to every project. All our operators and soldering personnel are trained to industry standards by our in-house J-Standard 001/IPC-610 Certified trainers. Guided by clear processes and a focus on continuous quality improvement, our team crafts sophisticated products to precise specifications.

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